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Subject:Goodness Sakes!
Time:11:39 pm
Current Mood:stressedstressed
So once again, it has been another year and so since I posted. I'm so glad that they don't delete your account since I keep doing this and love being able to look back and reflect on things. it's strange to compare what I am feeling right now as to what I just read. I am in a completely different place. To cut a long story short, I got accepted to a nine month internship in my local hospital in my favourite ward where I had been a student during my training. Since then in May (knowing that my internship would be coming to a close) I began the elusive hunt for a permant post. After a few weeks I attended an interview for a stroke rehabilitation ward which I got so excited about and found out later that day down the beach whilst holding a ladybug that I had gotten the post. Man alive I was so relieved I don't remember even being happy-just relived. As sure as pie the following week I got another interview for a hospital this time in an acute Gastroenteology ward. I went to this interview in leggings and barely even bothering about it.....4 hours later received a phonecall to say I had the post. After much painful scrutiny I went with the medical ward and have now been working there for three months.

On one hand it's everything I ever wanted, so challenging, learning so much, the team are fantastic on the other it is killing me. I've started thinking I have bad luck or something. My workload is so massive, the patients and problems are so actue and complex. During every shift I feel like I'm drowning in stress. This is one of the reasons I have decided to pent some of my stress and frustration about work to LJ. Typing this I feel rather angry at myself. I have everything I ever wanted career wise and yet I'm moaning. I do love the ward, I just can't wait till I've settled in more and learned more and take more things in my stride. I've certainly changed from feeling ill on my days off with worry about my next shifts as the ward sister pulled me aside last week to tell me I was doing well and she could see how much I cared. This was music to my ears as let me tell you a comment from her is FEW and far between. I had one patient who had came in reduced mobility and confusion, he is a pancreatic CA and was having to have ascities drained from his abdomen. This normally takes three days. This was last wednesday. I then found out that this mans last wish was to walk his daughter down the ailse at her wedding ....which was last saturday. Dear god I hope he got out of hospital in time :(.

On other news since my last post. My sister, and friend and I went to the last Harry Potter premiere, an experience which will 1.never be forgotten and 2. never be repeated. 27 hours awake of queing, not eating, lying in the rain in trafalgar square, and twelve hours standing at the barrier in the rain where I am suprised we didn't get TRENCHFOOT! The sun split the sky and Rupert Grint stood inches away from me. :)

David and I much to my amazement at his ability to put up with me, are still together. Went to Egypt a month ago. which was in a word incredible. David was so amazed. He had never wanted to go there and it was even his own idea because he found such a good deal. We went to see the pyramids which certainly was one of the more surreal moments of my life. and also done an excursion where we went out to Sinai dessert, and had a camel race yes race, halfway through leading us the people handed us the reigns and smacked the camels bottom making them team off ahead. This was following by a shisha pipe, bedouin tea and bread making lesson, then watched the sunset from the bedouin tent, learned about their way of life. Then went the sunset the stars came out with absolutly no light pollution for miles around and had an astrologist teach us some stargazing. :) Also the private jhetty was a site to behold with the beauty of the coral and all the fish.

Oh I have two little fishes called fanta and sprite. Still no big house where I can have eighteen million guinea pigs so that dreams still on hold. Hmmmm what else is new? Oh I now love Zelda. Cannot believe I call myself a nintendo girl when I had never saved Zelda before! Needless to say I am on my second quest and SHAT myself when twilight princess had a tear collecting scenario which is though was going to be like the TERRIYING chasing that went on with tears in Skyward Sword luckily it was different!

Think I'm going to call it a night and hopefully it won't be another year before my next post!
Live long and Prosper!
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Current Location:Flat
Time:04:12 pm
Current Mood:lonelylonely
I am so fed up it's unreal. I feel like I'm wasting my life right now. I should be out furthering my career and having fun with my friends and trying new things. Instead in waking up at noon after having a werid nightmare then walking through to the living room checking my emails hoping that a job application has been successful and then sitting and trying to occupy myself. I feel so bad for all my friends around me everybodys working constantly or snowed under with exams and no time for social life. And here I am moaning about having too much free time.

I particularly feel pathetic this week because two applications to hospitals came back saying they were only hiring internally and sorry and wished me all the best in the future. Excuse my french but how the FUCK am I meant to get experience in a hospital if they only fucking give people who already have jobs the chance. It's also the 11th may meaning that I never even got an interview to the application down in london who were looking for newly qualified with minimal experience so they could mould you in there own way. So I was willing to move away, I'm only working part time in a nursing home and I still never got a chance. I'm so sick of this. I keep thinking should I try something else? Nursing obviously isn't working. But then I think but if I had a job in a hospital I wouldn't be thinking this way.

I'm really struggling with money now as I only got 3 half shifts last month and I'm not even getting any responses to the non nursing jobs I've been applying for. I just want to work. I think it's safe to say the last month is the lowest i've ever felt. I miss my friends. Everyones so busy and I feel bad for thinking that they don't want to hang around with me. But it's one of the only things I think about when I'm sitting in a lonely flat as a reminder that I have no way of paying for it.

Ok rant over. Going to go tidy or something. Sorry for the moan.
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Subject:Quick Update
Time:04:55 pm
Well it's been a productive start to my 22nd year. It was my birthday on tuesday past. Having two pyjama parties :) One was last night were Rocky was Mukumuku and david a french fancie in a game of disney trivia! One again tonight looking forward to more double stuffed oreos!!!!!! Mmmmm

I completed Final Fantasy X this afternoon. Saddest game ending ever. Ixion <3 :( I also finished another book, recently so now I'm a a bit of a loss as to what game to play next or what book to read. :/

On other news I've got my hair dyed pink so I'm hoping that doesn't affect things next thursday at this jobs convention...eek!
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Current Music:Sounds of david playing assasin's creed.
Current Location:Living ROom
Time:12:08 am
Current Mood:accomplishedaccomplished
Oft it's been quite a few days. Worked five days in a row thinking all the while "I've gotta finish suikoden" And today I did. There were tears. I swiftely took a photo on my phone of the ending photos done Luc's chapters and drove Ada's ps2 over to charlene for her to finish the journey that we've been waiting almost a decade to take. Although now I am even more thirsty for a 6th. Why is it not happening. Atleast I'm savoring Tierkes.

Since completed Suiko today I have been left with an annoyance grating on my nerves to defeat Jecht in FFX I have been having some tech difficulties in that I couldn't be bothered to go back and level up a little more and yet I played Suiko in a week! Bad Steph!

It's been quite an accomplised day. I have just finished the book Corvus. My review is on my goodreads account. Can't decide now whether I want to start Water for Elephants or finish my walter moers that I've had for a while.

On another note I've been making my own t shirts. I've made matching ones for April the 2nd (Kate and I's anniversary) a mario themed one and an I <3 Rupert grint although it's not his name just his beautiful smiling face. So there you have it Rocky, I wasn't joking when I said I'm making a t-shirt for the premiere which is almost in less that 100 sleeps!!!! I'm not stopping at a t-shirt next it's the full blown "I'd be easy for Ronald Weasley" Ohhhh yeah!!!

On another matter I am sooo skint. I cannot wait till wednesday! Hopefully will get to the cinema. Lots on that I want to see starting with a good laugh at Hall Pass. Also is anyone else extremely emotionally excited about the new Winnie the Pooh movie?
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Subject:Lemony scented bat.
Time:09:01 pm
So it's been a week since I got Suiko 3 and I'm on chapter 4. I choose Hugo as my flame champion for reasons I can't say so as not to spoil for Rocky. My favourites are Jacques, Futch, Edge, Nash, Rody, Ace, Cecile (who I'm thinking of cosplaying this year).
I have recruited the 5 doggies because they are awesome beans! Have to say I am hating the whole you have to chant for 1-2 turns before you can use runes, I don't like that. Also...jefferson frightens me! To cheer ourselves up yesterday after finding out about James being in hospital with Pnuemonia Charlene and I were going to draw suiko version of seth from superbads drawing and can't wait to do them but I got carried away with battling sarah.

David and I made mini eggs nests this week and they are already gone! I've found the secret to AWESOME crispy cakes....use good chocolate not shitty cooking stuff! The difference is epic and then there's mini eggs! Just behold --->

My accomplishment today has to be one I won't forget in a hurry. I tool bloods for the first time today! I've obviously had the venepuncture training in my degree and practised on the dummy but actually doing it. Well I probably don't have to say is a different kettle of fish. The woman that I done it on also had been tried by two other nurses wednesday and tuesday and is normally hard to get because she has really deep set veins...I got it on my first try! 5 bottles worth!!!!!!!!!!! Whoop whoop! It took a bit a wiggling but I only went in the needle once and that's what I hate when I'm getting mine done. If they have to keep taking it out and try again. I'm actually so excited to see tomorrow if I managed to not bruise her!

Zumba was great tonight we have a new dance to Born this way which is really cool. I'm enjoying the fact that the dances are getting harder. Charlene and I seem to have a new ritual at lunchtime we text each other a really funny animal! It sounds a bit boring but I seriously look forward to it!

Last but not least I need help guys with suggestions on how to build a cheap version of fun house out my back door for the day. It's to celebrate April the 2nd this year and it's what Kate and I have decided. So far we've got a paddling pool that we don't know what to do with. We want canisters of Skooshy cream to be involved because it's a dream of mine to have a skooshy cream fight, but that's all we've came up with, any suggestions?
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Subject:Zumba and Suikoden 3.
Time:08:48 pm
Had my poached eggs on toast, just been to Zumba thanks to Kate for forcing me to go. Wasn't really feeling up to it. Had just looked at my bank balance that after a few days eating out and nights out and in, a cinema trip and a quick shop in Glasgow that I had forgotten that my £200 for my car had not yet come off :( . There goes my savings. This jobs convention cannot come quick enough-finally a salary! :D

I am approx 4hours 44 minutes and 19 seconds into Suikoden III and I have a Slash pairing already. Ace and Geddoe <3 I mean Ace was bitching about him being distant? haha. I even found my mind wander at Zumba in the middle of a dance I was thinking. "I wonder how long it's been since I wrote anything...wonder if I could write a slashy Ace Geddoe Fic?" Apart from that Sarah has made her appearance. I have abcolutely no clue what is going on and I am in love with sweet little Jacques. He's all "The ocean" and "She can have my share" I just wanna squish him!

Ugh, I'm working half shifts for the next two days at the Nursing Home. Hope they're both breezy shifts. The whole time I'm there though all I can think is let me in a ward!!!!!!!!! Hence the probable move down South. David got a bit sad when I showed him the distance between Ayr and Wycombe and now I'm worried about him.
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Current Music:Suikoden music in background
Current Location:Rocky's Room
Subject:Kushion and hangovers being cured by Suikoden.
Time:10:27 am
Current Mood:awakeawake
Epic night had by all! Loving Kirsten for starting a water fight in Kushion! So fun. Rocky and myself also managed to cook the best tasting bacon and brown sauce sarnies at 3.30am! Impressive. I am curing my dehydration by playing Suiko III although I have gotten myself trapped in a loop between an inn and not being able to go back out to the forest to level up and I keep getting slayed by the bloomin Ironheads!!! Wonder why they're after me! I wonder why? I love playing a Suikoden and not knowing the plot. It has been soooo long.

Think Rocky and I are going to go outside soon and hopefully find our way to a MacDonalds (my hangover cure) and perhaps go see Rango! Yay animated mexican lizard funs!
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Time:01:50 pm
I am not even going to begin this post by attempting to dignify why I left livejournal behind. So it's two years since I posted and longer since I made a worthwhile post BUT I have news! Rocky's (An awesome best friend who I once stole £11 from this is where our friendship evolved from!) new girlfriend Ada is a big Suikoden fan and is friends with Sammers and I have been spending all day looking back at posts and logs on barts garden and the plastercine contest and Suiko_rp and how crazy Granny Taki wes. And it has severely hit me how long ago all that was. It was like another lifetime ago, seriously 6 years! So I'm posting to all the muns who I rp-ed with to find out how you all are, if your happy and all that jazz?

I am a little more than halfway through Suikoden_Teirkes and love it. I love that the Hero (who I named Mivvel) talks and has a personality. I loooooooove Asad and Chrodechild. And if I ever have children I want them to look like the porpus-kin! <3 I'm just thinking that if I were to be in the rp I'd totally play a crazy Porpus-Kin...just because no matter what happens in 6 years some things NEVER change. :D

So I suppose I better talk about other meaningless things in my life that don't involve Suikoden. So I'll try and shorten it as much as I can. I'm a couple of weeks away from turning 22. Which for the first time scares me. 21 was such an epic year. After 3 years of serious hard work I am now a qualifies Staff Nurse and have been unleashed into the world!! I'm working in a Nursing Home at present but have just made a major decision in my life to move down south into the depths of England (hopefully London) to get a hospital post. This will all be decided when I go to this Convention where if you go with your portfolio you can get snatched away to Canada or Australia which would be awesome! Although as exciting in some ways that this is going to be it's also going to be very very sad leaving my family and friends and my partner David who is my dinosaur whom I live with but he has to stay on at college and will hopefully come live with me in London once he's finished then we can travel the world in a oyster way :D I love nursing and this is something I'm going to have to bite my tongue and go!

Other news: I drive a little blue bug of a car which very soon Charlene and I are going to go on a roadtrip in once we get paid and hopefully see some butterflies and northern lights! I've been thinking for a long time that being Taki's Mun was a way of expressing how much I love baking as I do it all the time now, since moving into my own flat two years ago and I love nothing more than buying kitchen utensils <3 I now make tasty things like Lime and Poppyseed slices, theme cupcakes and my famous 10 fruit crumble!

I have recently poached my dad'd old camera after David bought me a photography book for xmas and would love to do a course in it and sell my pictures. Charlene has said my composition is getting better and I've been putting together a little portfolio but I still have a lot to learn.

Oh! When I move down south I plan to have no friends so I'm going to try and join a book club. :) I have recently finished "Her Fearful Symmetry" and already have made charlene read it and have now loaned it to Rocky. It's really good and so different from The Time traveller's Wife. The characters are so different from anything I've read before with the twins personalities and I have never been more angry at the end of the book. Looking forward to my next read. Currently started Corvus.

David has re-named me Gok-Twa as I have been so into Gok's Clothes Roadshow that I made my own skirt out of an old dress and sewed pearls individually onto it. I also have to mention my obsession with the colour Mink just now as I have been driving people crazy constantly mentioned the word...MINK!

Whatelse...OH YEAH I went on the Oblivion in Alton Towers last year! And bought myself a "I survived the Oblivion" This was a big deal for me as the last 3 times I went to Alton Towers with school years ago I downright refused to go on it. Went on everything else but the vertical drop concept of this terrified me-but I'M ALIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Oh! If anyone has advice I'd love it. I completed sailed through FF-X and love it to ickle bits (Valefor and Ixion <3) BUT I'm stuck at jecht the big BUM! Final Fantasy XIII on the otherhand in my mind has given FF IX a run for it's money in my post as Fav FF. I have a thing for Snowe's shoulders and would like the action figure so that I can strip off the trenchcoat and see how well they've crafted them! Also is anyone else REALLY mad that the Sazh figure DOES NOT come with the chocobo chick! WHICH IS THINK IS DISGUSTING AS HE WAS MY FAVOURITE CHARACTER! Haha.

Aw guys if you ever rememeber me going ON and ON and ON and ON about how much I want to go to New York. Guess where I finally went last Sept!! It was everything I ever dreamed of and more! It was rather tiring to admit. As within 5 days. We: Went to Tasty Delight, Went to see and Broadway Musical (Phantom of the Opera), Shopping in Tiffanys, Central Park, Walked all the way down to the Staten Island ferry pier to see the Statue of Liberty, Natural History of Museum, Sex and the City tour, Had dinner at Tao.

Soooo, I think I'm gonna shut up now but I plan on totally getting into lj again spesh if I'm moving away so prepare to be spammed!!!!

On a final note look at this awesome awesome artwork Rocky showed me today!

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Current Music:Beyonce!
Subject:Just read the opening thought on LJ today.
Time:10:40 pm
Who was your most inspiring teacher and why? I don't actually have writers block I had a whole lot of ideas to talk about but I wanted to write a quick answer on this. My most inspiring teacher I ever had would have to be my Primary 6 teacher, the reason she inspired me wasn't particularly because I really liked her (which I did) but it was because she started the Australia project which had a domino effect and Me and my best friend beginging our small journey on the world and so I'd probably like to thank her one day for being the teacher that made it possible to give me a friend like Kate and change my crumby yet brilliant life forever.

I suppose the reason I wanted to write this was because K has recently moved up to Aberdean to continue her education and become a primary teacher I just hope she starts an Australian project one day and changes little girls dreams forever too. :)

Lesse updates on the life and times of Steph, well I'm still playing Suikoden Tierkes. . . not because I can't do it but because I am savoring it! I love it and I <3 Asad! *coughs* More gaming news I have recently lost my phone (not gaming news I know but keep reading) and ended up deciding that I was a big enough girl for my first contract phone and SOOOO it's arriving any day now with . . . a free Ps3! I wasn't that excited about it until I went and bought folklore which looks so amazing and intruiging and kindda like a better developed Fable! So excitement happening very soon! I also defeated Bowser once more! All I can say is that the man who sold me my copy of Super Mario Galaxy was correct=it was the best game I will ever play! Well until the new one comes out next year of course!! Also coming out soon in time for xmas Super mario bros wii which is multiplayer!! Wahoo! Also cooking mama 3! Last but not least THE VERY SECOND that my sims: agents becomes available I am getting it and making the turks!The last rememant has been in the limelight recently too I'm currently taking my time doing as many sidequests as I can manage without hurting Pagus too much :). Also rythm paradise has been eating my sanity for some time now...its far too addictive, it was never meant to happen!

I have always been simple minded and crazy about collecting things but the recent obsession takes the biscuit and it's all Barry M's fault him and his silly dazzle duxt pots...yes the rumours are true I actually have a rainbow of them on my dresser and I promise to post a pic of this soon!

I have two orals tomorrow which I'm not too nervous about actually looking forward to them to see how I do again since it's nearing the end of my course and I can't wait till my last placement where I will find out how much I've learned and how well I can impress to get my very first real job!

I have a new found love for LUSH. I've always loved it but for some weird reason always thought toiletries as a waste of a present. It's safe to say that with LUSH this does not apply. I am in love with the comforter bubblebar and all the massage bars. A couple of nights ago david and I had a bath with the bubble bar and were wrapped in a blackberry blacket and then gave each other a half hour massage with my strawberry forever massage bar, it was amazing and I swear I still feel relaxed.

So last thoughts could anyone who wants to private email their phone number as I have no-ones number anymore and feel disconnected and will text you as soon as I get my new phone.

P.S God, please bring out the Time travellers wife on dvd now!

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Time:06:27 pm
Hey just a quick message to ask all you guys to please vote for David's cocktail it's the pretty one!! It tastes like a rasberyy milkshake! The competition is to be given during the showing of the musical Breakfast At Tiffanys and david has encorporated Holly leaves into his drink to represent the main lady Holly in the novel!

Please vote!! Spesh all you suiko fans :D:D:D:D P.S How good is Tierkes!

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